Cate Le Bon, Mona Bismarck American Center, June 16, 2016.

Cate LeBon played a free (!) private show in the garden of the Mona Bismarck American Centre here in Paris. As I am a huge fan of her records, I was beside myself to see her live for the first time. Cate and her super tight band played plenty from the new album Crab Day, and just in case I wasn’t going to have it stuck in my head for a full 24 hours, “I Can’t Help You”, the opening cut from the Mug Museum record. I love how Cate’s music is psychedelic from the inside out - because of her songwriting, and not through endless guitar pedal knob twiddling. All four musicians were lovely to talk to, and we had a small world moment since we each know the fellows from Ten Years After. Ms. Le Bon was good enough to sign my record, which she says is very different from the last, and which she calls “a grower”. Also note the view from the lineup for the show.